Alien: Isolation

I bought this game during the summer sale 2015, it had a 75% discount and lots of positive reviews. I told my girlfriend that we should play it together so she can experience different types of games rather than playing candy crush all day… Anyway, …


Digital Steganography

There are many ways to conceal a message from untrusted entities, encryption is the far most used method for making sure no one but the intended receiver can read the message. However, there is an other method not widely used today and that is …


Dashing Dashboard

(Note: Not my dashboard above) Not long ago I set up a dashboard for our office to show statistics about sales and such. The software we decided to use was Dashing.io. Dashing is a Sinatra based framework written in ruby that lets you build beautiful …


No Such Agency

Thoughts on the NSA leaks and what it means for the world