My OSCP Review

In this blog post I’ll write about my experience taking the OSCP certification as well as some recommendations for people wanting to take the exam. I got access to the OSCP lab network 2019-09-09 and lost access 2019-12-08. As you can see I chose 90 …


SEC-T CTF - G1bs0n Writeup

Hacking the gibson, one byte at the time…


UIUCTF - Are we out of the woods yet? Reversing 350p

It looks like this python script was run through a custom packer. It's just Python*, which means it must be easy to reverse, right? *v3.6.1:69c0db5 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8qQsXpcZXA This was fun little challenge that our team …


VolgaCTF - Share Point writeup

Share Point Look! I wrote a good service for sharing your files with your friends, enjoy) share-point.quals.2017.volgactf.ru The challenge begun by signing in to the control panel by simply entering random account details. Once logged in you had the …


VolgaCTF - Bloody Feedback writeup

Bloody Feedback Send your feedback at bloody-feedback.quals.2017.volgactf.ru DO. NOT. USE. SQLMAP Otherwise your IP will be banned The challenge basically has two functions, 1) Send feedback and 2) view the status of the sent feedback. There is also page …


Chalmers CTF

Hey, long time since last post, been busy with university and starting Chalmers very first CTF team: Chalmers CTF!! Check out our website for information: https://chalmersctf.se