SLAE 4: Custom encoder for bypassing signature based detection

Malware detection techniques has improved a lot over the years. Today companies are investing in machine learning methods for detecting malware, which sounds pretty cool if you ask me. However, there is one method that has been used since the first …


SLAE 3: Egg hunting in Linux x86 Assembly

When writing exploits, you sometimes encounter a situation where your payload is too big, you can’t fit your payload inside the buffer. This is where “eggs” come in to play. The basic idea of egg hunting is to divide the payload in to two …


SLAE 2: Creating a reverse TCP shell in x86 Assembly

What is a reverse TCP shell? A reverse TCP shell is a program that instead of listening for incoming connections, the program will connect to a remote system and provide a local shell. This is useful in situations where the victim system is behind NAT, …


SLAE 1: Creating a bind shell in x86 Assembly

What is a bind shell? A Bind shell is simply a program that listens for incoming connections. When a connection is made, a local shell is redirected to the newly created connection, thereby giving access to the local machine. Bind shells are usually …


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Hack The Box - Olympus Writeup

I begun by scanning the box to find some interesting ports. PORT STATE SERVICE VERSION 22/tcp filtered ssh 53/tcp open domain (unknown banner: Bind) 80/tcp open http Apache httpd 2222/tcp open ssh (protocol 2.0) Port 80 was open so I visited the site and …