Some of my projects, more will come!

StegaTonic - Hide data within images

sudo_sniff - Steal user's password when running sudo for post-exploitation purposes

Shadowrun - Ransomware developed for windows and written in C. Uses the openssl library for encryption. The purpose of the project was to identify any potential obstacles ransomware developers face in order to build better defenses.

dnsIntel - A tool for creating custom plugins for downloading domains classified as bad from threat intelligence sources. A blacklist is then created from the domains which is later used by dnsmasq to block access to the domains on network level. - Simple bash script for creating backups of my Postgres databases. It uses docker to verify the backup by restoring the database in order to make sure no restoration problems will occur.

Bookie - Bookie is a simple Django app that stores links to information you intend to consume at a later point.

Bountystrike - Web platform for running automated plugins commonly used by bug bounty hunters.