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Hack The Box - Olympus Writeup

I begun by scanning the box to find some interesting ports. PORT STATE SERVICE VERSION 22/tcp filtered ssh 53/tcp open domain (unknown banner: Bind) 80/tcp open http Apache httpd 2222/tcp open ssh (protocol 2.0) Port 80 was open so I visited the site and …


SEC-T CTF - G1bs0n Writeup

Hacking the gibson, one byte at the time…


UIUCTF - Are we out of the woods yet? Reversing 350p

It looks like this python script was run through a custom packer. It's just Python*, which means it must be easy to reverse, right? *v3.6.1:69c0db5 This was fun little challenge that our team …


VolgaCTF - Share Point writeup

Share Point Look! I wrote a good service for sharing your files with your friends, enjoy) The challenge begun by signing in to the control panel by simply entering random account details. Once logged in you had the …


VolgaCTF - Bloody Feedback writeup

Bloody Feedback Send your feedback at DO. NOT. USE. SQLMAP Otherwise your IP will be banned The challenge basically has two functions, 1) Send feedback and 2) view the status of the sent feedback. There is also page …


Chalmers CTF

Hey, long time since last post, been busy with university and starting Chalmers very first CTF team: Chalmers CTF!! Check out our website for information: