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Alien: Isolation

I bought this game during the summer sale 2015, it had a 75% discount and lots of positive reviews. I told my girlfriend that we should play it together so she can experience different types of games rather than playing candy crush all day...

Anyway, the first levels aren't that bad, you start out combating other stranded humans on board one of the ships. A few "holy shit" here and there but nothing too scary. One thing I noticed in the beginning was these weird noises which sounded like they were coming from the ventilation shafts. Like something was tumbling around up there, following me. I soon discovered who was making the noises...

When I first encountered the alien was when I was trying to run to the exit of a corridor. As I made my way to the exit I could hear violent stomps behind me, and as I turned around there was this scary beast about devour my face. Hooooly shiit

I think the only way to play this game successfully is to go into stealth mode. Basically hide in the dark and do not let anyone know you are there, as soon as there is gunfire the Alien will come and kill everyone. Never run unless you are sure you are going to make it...

It took my girlfriend and I 20 hours to complete the game, which I thought was very long for a non open-world game. After 16-17 hours it felt like they were just dragging out the missions and story to make the game longer.

Overall I thought the game was amazing and truly a horror game. Even if you are a seasoned gamer Alien: Isolation will cause you to shit bricks.



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